Five Things You Can’t Forget
On Your Wedding Day

The most awaited moment in life, to wear a white dress, white heels with a bright smile, and make a vow by holding a hand of a beloved one. The Wedding Day is a day of love, happiness, and perfection. On a wedding day, the bride doesn’t have the time to set things right after forgetting them. Perfection is a myth, some might say, but for a bride, nothing is impossible. She will make her own rules and break them because it’s her big day. 

To have a perfect smile, dress, dance, dinner, and experience here are the five things a bride should not forget on the wedding day. There are many more, but five of them are very common and most repetitive according to wedding planners, so if you are reading this for future planning, put on your seatbelt because we are taking you into your future. 

Wedding 101:
Five Things You Should Not Forget On Your Wedding Day

Stay Hydrated 

On your special day, you will be buzzing the planner about the food, cake, and many other things, including checking on your groom. With all the stress and many distractions, it’s very common to forget to drink some water on the wedding day. Don’t forget to take water bottles because you will need it. 

Keep Your Makeup On Point, Pack Some Tissues

On the wedding day there will be plenty of smiling and laughing with happy tears, if not you it will be your mother or father or any other family member. Pack some tissues with you and make sure they are ready to go when someone needs it.

The Overnight Bag 

Brides usually get so caught up in the pre-Wedding rush, that they often forget to pack an overnight bag with a pair of PJs, cleansers and moisturisers, shampoo and conditioner and makeup. You’ll want to leave your hotel in the morning feeling as fresh as possible, so having all your favorite beauty products is a must do. It’s probably a good idea to pack some aspirin too!

Don’t Forget Your Rings 

In hustle and bustle, sometimes important things get misplaced and wedding rings aren’t just an ordinary thing. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your rings or delegate someone these important tasks so you can focus on having a good time on your big day. 

Let Yourself Go 

Time always turns the table. On your special day, don’t smile only for cameras or people, smile for yourself. Let yourself go. Eat, drink, dance, mingle with yourself and enjoy every single second of your day. Be yourself on your special day and shine the way you want to shine.

There is much more to cover in order to have a perfect wedding, being a bride alone is already tiring and will keep you busy enough, so don’t try to be your own wedding planner. So, let others handle your food, cake, drinks, and other necessities. It is always better to share the load. You are the queen and the crown belongs to you, so choose your wedding hall, your kingdom, wisely. 

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