"OMG! I've Just Got Engaged!
What Should Be My Next Steps?"

You’ve got a ring in your hand!

You have also got someone's heart!

A Big Congratulations!

Does your heart run faster?

Are you thrilled? I know you are. Don’t worry. I won’t reveal your confidential information. 

So? You’ve got questions. Like, where to start? I’ve Just Got Engaged, What Should Be My Next Steps

What kind of wedding venue should I book? Don’t buzz yourself. 

We are here to guide you through your next steps.

Wedding 101:
Five Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Get Manicure

In this mechanical life, we’ve got very little time for ourselves. So, first things come first. Go to the hair salon. Relax because every single person is going to ask you to show your ring. Don’t give them the chance to ruin it for you, be prepared. And secondly, it will help you to think clearly for further planning.

Prepare Yourself For A Q&A Session

You are excited but people are going to be more excited than you. They are going to ask you millions of questions. And you need to remain calm and give them a satisfying answer. Prepare yourself ahead. There are some questions asked by friends and family.

  • How did he propose you?
  • Are you planning to marry soon? Don’t give the exact date too soon. Give them an 8 to the 12-month timeline. This is usually the best answer.
  • Are you going to change your last name? You know better yourself. Share it or not. Both are your option.
  • How many people are you inviting to your wedding? Don’t go with the numbers, tell them you are going to invite close ones.

Tell The Happy News To Close Ones First

Don’t break the happy news on social media. Your phone starts buzzing. Go with the list. Tell your parents first, then your childhood friends, then your grandparents and if there are more people close to you, share the news with them. Then upload on social media. Break the happy news.

Set Your Budget

Don’t compromise on your dream wedding. One of the best ways to estimate the budget is by approaching a couple who just got married. That’s how you’re going to know the latest rates of wedding venue, bands, and many more other things. After that, take a list of your wedding to-do list. Put your dreams above the customs or rituals, but make sure to not spend all of your savings.

Book A Wedding Venue

It is always better to talk with your partner, that’s how you are going to know each other styles and desires for the wedding day. After that, make a shortlist of do’s and don’ts. Start searching and visiting wedding venues around you. Choose the best of them taking into consideration things such as space, location, dining room, dance floor. Keep all those things in mind when you visit wedding venues.

Don’t push yourself into the action after the engagement. Relax. Do things that you have never done before. Go to a picnic or a beach with your beloved one. Take a camera and capture every moment of your life. Enjoy!

Are You Looking For A Wedding Venue?

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