2022 Update:
Trends for Groom Dressing & Styles

Brides are always famous as Fashion freaks but believe me, grooms are not too far from it. They are more profound in their outlooks. They consider all options and go for the best.

Are you looking for fashion and styling trends for grooms and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry. We are here to be your guide. Before you hit any store, you need to understand your style. So first let’s study together about different groom dressing and styles.

Wedding 101:
Top Five Groom Suit Trends to Follow in 2022

Causal And Comfy Men Suit

If you are planning to marry during the winter or around Christmas, then you need to go in warm suits. In the latest groom trends, not all men like to wear heavy suits. They are more welcoming towards comfortable clothes in which they can easily move and enjoy the long night.

The Shift Towards White

White color belongs to the bride and nobody else is allowed to wear it. But this rule doesn’t always apply to grooms. They are free to choose their color. In the latest wedding ceremonies, grooms had been seen in white, and believe me, they are rocking the whole event in white. So, if you think that white is your color, go for it.

If you would like to see options of White Tuxedos in Galesburg, stop by Sabrina’s Bridal. They have an extended range of options such as Cole, Dawson, Casablanca, Spectre and much more.

Complex Pattern And Rich Fabric

If you want to blow everyone’s mind and want to have full attention, go for the complex pattern and rich fabric. It is become a modern trend to wear something bold and expressive. It has been seen in trends that grooms are more into wearing complex pattern jackets. The internet and social media have shown us plenty of variety all across the world.

Blue Tuxedo Suit With Sneakers

The latest, most modern and controversial trend of 2021 is for grooms to wear elegant and sophisticated blue tuxedos with sneakers. If you want to shake the dance floor with your moves. This style is for you. Even you and your Bride To Be can go with the same type of pair of sneakers. This trend is rocking the earth in 2021.

Intimate Classic Suit

The intimate classic suit is an all-time trend, it never gets old. Classic suits are an ultra-modern thing. If you think that you want the art of sophistry as well as the touch of modernism, this option is for you.

If this is your type of suit, you should definitely give Ducky’s Formal Wear a call. They have excellent variety of dresses and tuxedos for several event types.

Choosing the best outfit for the wedding is troublesome. You have to visit different stores, try every outfit until you find something and say “Oh, this is for me”. But believe us, after ten or fifteen years, you’re going to miss this time and you will laugh with your beloved one about it. So, don’t get overwhelmed. Enjoy every moment. From purchasing dress and suits as well as shopping for your wedding venue.

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